Christmas S & B

Today Karen and I were up bright and early and heading west to Yoli's for our annual Christmas Stitch & B**** and gift exchange! We got there super early, so had lots of time to work on our projects. Yoli put the binding on the quilt that she's finishing for her baby who's due in April and Karen was working on one of the projects from one of the classes at this year's Creativ Festival.

Yoli and I want to know where the fun is in finishing projects when you could just start another new one?!

I did however, manage to put the finishing touches on an ornament that I finished a few weeks ago for the ornament exchange that I'm in on the Aion chat board. I think because I'm sending overseas I was supposed to mail it two weeks ago, but I'll just have to cross my fingers that Canada Post is speedy and able to get it there before the holidays. Since no one really reads this blog, I have no problems posing a piccie here of the finished piece.

Now, it's time to get some mega stitching done on my Christmas project for my in-laws. Only about 15% more to go...!