So just how energy efficient are those LEDs?

It's been a hectic few days...

Tonight on our way to a holiday party we were heading down Caledonia Road (I think that's what street it was) and were seeing tons of houses lit up with decorations for the season.

Then we saw this house:


Talk about crazy and insane! But awesome nonetheless! We were late, so came back home that way, determined to find the place again and snap a few piccies. These snaps are from Jordan, who did a great job. Not sure if you can see in the photos, but there's a nativity scene, as well as some reindeer (whose heads move up and down), and further in the back there are two little town street scenes set up - pretty incredible eh?

Oh, and I realized I haven't posted since Grandma received the Christmas tree that I sent. Mom and Dad took it over right away and apparently she LOVED it. Every night when my Mom leaves she turns the light off because my Grandma is afraid the staff will forget after they look in on her and it's quite difficult for her to get up and do it herself. Well the other night my Mom said that Grandma asked for her light to be left on so that she could continue to look at her tree - what a sweetie, eh? Only another week and a half until we head back for the holidays - can't wait!