I'll be cozy and warm this winter

Or at least I will be once the temperatures go below freezing again! Apparently it's supposed to be +12C today with some rain!

This is a scarf that is the result of the "Szechuan Scarf" kit that I bought at the One of Kind Show crafts and artisans show. The kit consisted of the instructions, a ball of yarn, and two bamboo knitting needles (which were lovely to knit with! I think I'm a convert!). All of it was in a lovely suede bag, and the knitting needles were the handles to the bag, which was very clever. I had a little bit of yarn left after I finished off, so I guess I could have got a few more rows on but oh well.

It's incredibly lovely and warm, especially when wrapped around my neck twice! Check out the links to the right to find out more about the company that makes the kits - Tigo (they have lots of wonderful suede things too) - or the One of Kind artisans show!