It's time to deck the halls

Sigh... it really is terrible isn't it? To start the year with a blog entry, and end the year with a second blog entry (you can tell I'm not anticipating having another before the end of 2006, can't you?).

But, I've been inspired by other stitchy friends with blogs who seem to get so much done - blogging and stitching - that I thought I'd take another stab at it.

I'll have to do a proper "Year in Review" of my stitching in another post, but first wanted to share what has taken up a fair bit of stitching time this year - the Lizzie*Kate 12 Blessings of Christmas ornaments. I've been stitching them throughout the year as a stitch-a-long with my friend Jen in Wales and I have to say it was fabulous to have someone else stitching the same thing and keeping me motivated! It was also really great to have something small to carry around with me for when little spare moments arose and I could sneak in a few stitches. A lot of these ornaments were stitched on the bus in the mornings on my way to work - it's often the only 20 or 30 minutes I get in a day to stitch and I use the time to relax and think about how the rest of the day is going to unfold.

The ornies were packaged up yesterday and shipped via FedEx to my Mom who is going to take them to my Grandma later today I'd imagine. They're a Christmas present for my Grandma, but I've sent it home early so that she can enjoy them for as much of December as possible. I hope she likes the star topper. It's my own attempt at finishing it somewhat similar to the others. The picture of the topper on the chart showed it finished in a round shape, with some ruffled ribbon around it or something. Gak - not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just not to my taste. So I've made it a star shape in keeping with a more traditional tree topper. I hope she likes it!