Why do I do these RRs again?

Omigosh - it's finished! It's finally FINISHED! Bwahahahahaha! (crazy, maniacal laughter, etc...)

Seriously, it feels like I've been working on this piece for MONTHS - which I definitely have - but still, I don't know what my problem was with this piece. It was the stitching that seemed to take forever while the backstitch (which I normally am not the biggest fan of) was done in a few hours.

Maybe it was having to use so much white thread? Oh, excuse me, B5200 rather. In any case, it's done, and Kirsty's RR can be sent off to Sarah and Marilyn today so that they have it before the weekend. Assuming of course, that Canada Post can get it to them overnight. Fingers crossed!

Here's how Kirsty's piece is looking so far... Not bad eh?