Doh! Fallen off the wagon already!

Sigh, I guess that's what happens when you go on vacation. You think you'll have all this time to catch up on stuff but no. Finally, tonight, I have downloaded my pics from Christmas, and all the places I've been since.

I had delusions of grandeur about recapping my stitching and crafty activities of 2006 and then starting the new year off with a bang of resolutions and a list of things to stitch. But that didn't happen, so I figure I'll just catch things up a bit below:

This is a baby bib that I stitched for Caleb, my friend Julie from high school's new baby. I got a chance to visit them in Kelowna over the holidays and it was Caleb's two month birthday - he had to have a pressie!

You can see that Caleb loves his momma! He gave Julie and Kris the best Christmas present ever by starting to smile, so that was really great!

Visiting with Jordan's family in Vernon was incredibly relaxing - there was nothing to do but stitch! Oh, and I got up one night around 4 or 5 in the morning to take advantage of The Silver Needle's pre-New Year's sale! This 8 Maids-a-Milking was stitched for the 12 Days of Christmas RR that I've been in since last year. It was Lynn's piece that I was stitching on, and she chose a lovely blue afghan fabric. We're really getting close to the end of this one now!

Anyway, that should be enough of a post to recap the last bit of 2006 projects. I'll see if I feel motivated enough to get a crack on 2007 with a post tomorrow!