New to knitting

I think I have allowed myself to be bitten by the knitting bug. Before Christmas I had purchased a knitting kit to make a scarf and had some fun with that. Recently, while cleaning up my office and some project I came across some yarn and some of my knitting books and I decided to give a go to something a little more challenging than a scarf. So I made these baby booties! I'm really pleased with how they turned out. They were quite easy and the pattern was simple to follow. I've decided to give them to a friend of a friend who is pregnant with a baby girl. We were all on the same soccer team and I think she'll really enjoy them. Apparently there was a shower for her last week and she was all about the pink, so hopefully they'll be a big hit!

Other than the kniting, not much has been happening. I went to my favourite LNS' monthly UFO night this past Thursday and ended up with some stash, which is sort of against my "no stash buying" policy in the first half of the year (I try not to until the stitching shows, unless I need something for a specific project). I bought some hardanger fabric to start trying it again. My MIL was asking me at Christmas about this hardanger pattern book she gave me last year and I thought I should really try and overcome the fear of cutting the fabric, so I've bought some to give it a go. I also got some nice cotton yarn on sale, so I'm going to see what other knitting patterns I have of small things that I can try out to keep teaching myself. Outstanding to me, is that I've actually be knitting the gauge squares to see if my tension is working for the pattern! Anyway, we'll see how it turns out!