Ack! Last post March 8th!

OMG - it's been way too long since I last posted, and I was doing so well too!

Unfortunately I haven't really been doing any stitching or knitting in the last month or so. Things have been crazy at work and I was also finishing up a marketing course that I've been taking for the past year. Needless to say, it's been a little busy...

And...I'm pregnant! Which has also accounted for a lot of tiredness over the first few months of this year. I've been home at night too tired to do very much, but things have got a lot easier in the last month or so, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Today I was at a knitting show with my friend KK - we had a really good time and found some beautiful Rowan cotton yarn at a good price that we'll use at a knitting class we're taking in June. It's to learn how to do a baby blanket and she picked the nicest colours - mint green and brown - and says she's going to knit a blanket for my baby. Isn't that nice? Of course, I think she has to knit two others first for other friends who are knocked up so we'll see how it goes! I bought a fun coral/orange colour and a turquoise-y kind of colour. They look very tropical together but I may change my mind and use the teal for something else and find a nice sand colour to go with the coral - that way it will match the stroller we're planning on getting.

I've finally started picking up my stitching again, as well as starting a baby sweater - my first attempt, so we'll see how it turns out. But, even though I haven't done much of my own stitching, lots of my friends have! The Margaret Sherry 12 Days of Christmas round robin that I've been in since last year is almost coming to a close and one of the gals has already received her piece back! She polished off the last square and has finished it beautifully - and this week had the lucky happenstance to run into the designer herself at a local craftshop in her area!

This picture shows Marion on the left, and the designer Margaret Sherry on the right. They are holding Marion's finished RR and it looks gorgeous! I think I stitched number 5 on this one, but it looks like I forgot to stitch my name below. Oh well... Can't wait until mine is home - it will be finished as a Christmas blanket for the baby!

Anyway, I've been doing some spring cleaning and getting a few things organized so I think I've finally earned a rest and some stitching a knitting time. Ciao!