Another one finished!

As Jacqui said in her comment on my last post, this MS 12 Days of Christmas RR has been going on for yonks. It's so true, but the end finally seems to be in sight for me. I finished stitching Marilyn's square yesterday and now have only Sarah's to do before my own comes home. I think I'll have to restitch 11 on mine since it won't have been done (one of the gals dropped out), and then polish off number 12. Looking forward to it!

This week I'm going to take a break from RR stitching though and try and work on G is for Grandma by the Victoria Sampler. I'm actually doing the variation they provide, that is G is for Grandparents. With any luck on being off this week and depending on how much work I get done for the office, I'm hoping that I'll get a fair bit of stitching done and be able to give it to my parents when they're here next weekend - kind of belated Mother's Day, early Father's Day present. That's the plan at any rate - I'm often too ambitious! Wish me luck!