Belated Mother's Day Treat

Well, I'm still on bed rest. In spite of having a fairly productive work week (it's amazing what you can get done with a remote log-in these days), I was also to able to whip up a quick gift for my Mom for Mother's Day (which was last Sunday for those in the UK reading this). She's going to be here tomorrow and I wanted to be able to give her something for being such a great mom. Being on bed rest, I didn't get a chance to get anything organized last week, particularly for my Grandma, so she took care of that for me, which was really appreciated.

I had seen a pair of slippers done in a similar way in a magazine once and when I came across these spa slippers in a store in Calgary I picked up a couple of pairs as they were very inexpensive. In fact, my hubby reminded me that we saw them at H2O not too long ago, so that might be an option for me in the future. Anyway, I bought two pairs, always planning to do a pair for my Mom. She and I have the same size feet so I know they'll fit!

The only tedious thing was having to stitch the motif twice. I used a close-up of a poppy that appeared in the DMC Spring Favourites magazine that came out last year. Stitching was done 2-ply over two threads on natural linen, I think it was 32 count. Afterwards I trimmed away the excess fabric to 10 threads from the edge of the stitching, and pulled out 5 threads all around for a frayed look. The final motifs were attached to each slipper with a hot glue gun.

My Mom likes red a lot, so I really hope she'll dig these!