11 Pipers Piping

Phew! My needle has been smoking this weekend! I started my square for Sarah on the RR two weeks ago and thought I should take less time to stitch it than I did her mom's piece. Tonight I have finished the backstitch and I'm super pleased with the result! The green backstitch to create the plaid effect was a little fussy and I'm not looking forward to doing that when I have to stitch this one again on mine, but I'll manage - at least the rest of it was a quick stitch! As my doc has been restricted to the house at the moment and there's not a lot I can do but stitch, it's been a pretty relaxing weekend!

My DH has also hooked up my printer/scanner as well, which makes it easier to take a piccie of the stitching that using my camera. I tend to jiggle the camera when I'm trying to get a close-up... Now the only question is what to move on to next. I could do some more knitting, or finish off a baby sampler that I have been working on for a friend. Decisions, decisions!