I told you he was cute as a button!

Here is Mr. Benjamin William himself, the illustrious "Buzz" and his pillow that was stitched for him! His mommas received it yesterday and were very thrilled! I was just thrilled it got there, as apparently the family was out of town when I sent it - I hadn't heard anything so was beginning to have a mild heart attack that it had gotten lost in the mail!

In other stitching news, I've moved on to a RR square for my friend Jen's Santa RR and hope to finish that off by the weekend so that I can continue to crack along on another project that I'm trying to finish by next weekend.

And the little ganja Christmas tree? Sigh... I think I've finally come to accept that the reason I'm not interested in it right now is because I'm not happy with my fabric choice. Karen is going to do Heirloom Christmas as a SAL with me, so we'll get fabric at the next UFO night. I think that the white stitching will have a much better contrast on the raw linen - right now the platinum just isn't doing it for me. Luckily, I have a different sampler project that I can use the platinum for after it's unpicked! And would you expect anything less, really? ;)