Quickie RR Finish

My friend Jen sent me her RR a little over a week ago before she went to France on holiday. I need to figure out a holiday like this - go on vacation where you can stitching something you WANT, and send your unfinished stitching to a friend to do so that it gets done while you're away. Then come home to waiting stash, and a note on your friend's blog that the stitching is done!

LOL - I'm just kidding - this was a lovely, quick stitch and fun to do. It arrived on June 8th and I finished it yesterday on the 16th - not bad all things considered! In fact, it was a lovely distraction from a piece of stitching that I'm not terribly interested in stitching on at the moment, but there you are. The whole piece is shown below:

It's scheduled to be another scorcher today so I'm off to get my day (and stitching!) organized. Welcome back Jen!