WTP - wip

I feel like so much has happened since my last post...

I finished work yesterday (technically last Friday, but I was finishing off a project yesterday at the office for a few hours) and am now officially on vacation this week before I start my sick leave next week. It feels weird to be done (see my post on my family blog - Decker Thistlewood), but also good. I'm not sure where the time is going to go, but I'm sure it will disappear nonetheless!

Today I did some organizing in what will become the baby's room, and then I sat down to finish some stitching. I had done most of this last night but I had to do the bees today. This is the first panel of a baby afghan that I am stitching. The other panel will be in the bottom, right, and has WTP with his head stuck in a pot of hunny. The bees are stitched in other panels around the edges and there is a dotted line to follow them around the afghan - cute eh?

I'm really glad that I'm about 1/3 of the way done, as this has been a challenging project. It's a kit, which I don't normally do, but I thought it was cute. Then, the instructions are really weird! and I started it when I was a less experienced stitcher, so I was kind of making up some fractionals rules. Oh well. I think it looks pretty good now that the backstitch is in. I'll be happy though when it's done, as this has been a WIP, then a UFO, then a WIP again for the longest time. Since I am trying to finish off my UFOs and WIPs though, it has to be done!

One of these days, if I don't think I'll die from the shame, I'll list all of my UFOs and WIPs on this blog... yeah right!