Birthday Happy Dance

It wasn't my birthday, but I did a happy dance for the project that I finished for Karen's! Rather belatedly, I might add. The baby-brain wasn't terribly helpful when I realized I was a month late with Karen's birthday present! Oops!

My stitching buddy Karen has recently hung out her own shingle as a consultant and her first contract is for a client in Florida. Congrats Karen! The contract is for six months, and Karen will be down there 2 weeks at a time and then back for 4-day weekends.

Of course, to me this seems like the perfect excuse for fabulous, uninterrupted stitching time! Karen's an avid reader, so I'm sure she's doing lots of that too. But all that extra stitching time was the inspiration for Karen's birthday present - a portable stash room!

Here's the kit in all it's glory - a plastic craft box filled with stitching goodies. Detailed pics are below.

I stitched "Life's a Stitch" by Lizzie*Kate and framed it with some cool, paisley scrapbooking paper from the local craft store. It's mounted inside the lid of the clear craft box by clear glue dots.

The back of the "framed" lid artwork.

Included were the latest issue of Needle Pulling Thread with a new Jeannette Douglas sampler, as well as a HAED that Karen has been coveting, and a couple of other charts for inspiration if she feels like she wants to start any new projects.

Stitchy goodies that were also included were needles, bobbins for organizing threads, project rings, and a storage container for thread bobbins. I knew that Karen was planning on taking a few of her projects with her, so hopefully this will help her keep everything together with all of her projects!

Finally, I included some peach-flavoured black tea from the Tea Emporium. It was the closest they had to a very rich, flavourful peach-flavoured tea that Karen introduced me to from Tokyo called momo (which means peach in Japanese).

The present was a big hit, and Karen was able to get all of her projects into it that she was taking, along with a few books besides! We haven't had a chance yet to have an online S&B session via our webcams, but give it time!