Finished page 2!

Not much progress since my last post, but progress nonetheless. Here is Harrison's birth sampler with page 2 of 4 of the stitching done. Once I've finished all 4 pages I'll still need to do the backstitch and personalize it with Harry's birth info. A few people have commented on what an unusual design it is so I've posted a pic of what it will look like when it's done, below:

It's from the Anchor "Born to Shop" series - they're super cute but generally only available in the UK. I however, got a great deal on mine in US dollars from Despina at Daisy Stitches. Check out her site as she has some wonderful charts and things!

And in other news - my stash arrived from The Silver Needle! Too bad I had to pay duty on it. Kind of took away the savings that I made by getting everything on sale. Oh well. Apparently Canadian customs are really cracking down because so many people are cross-border shopping online. The threads I need for the L*K project are coming from Down Sunshine Lane, so I'll be interested to see if I get charged any duty on those. Fingers crossed that I don't!