Home Stretch

Well I don't ever relish having to stitch that border again. Phew! Talk about boring! Monotonous! Tedious even! Needless to say, I didn't enjoy it very much, but I have to give props to my stitching pal Karen who kept me company online via MSN while I finished stitching the outer border last night. Now at least there is just the personalization and the backstitching to do and then it can be washed and framed for Master Harry's room!

While we were online, Karen called me on my stuff for starting a new SAL - the Lizzie*Kate double flip-its for 2008 that I'm scheduled to be starting February 1st. She very astutely pointed out that I was supposed to be doing the Victoria Sampler Heirloom Christmas as a SAL with her (which come to think of it started June 1 or something last year - oops) and that she's now on band 24 (while I'm still languishing on band number 1 - doh!). Ah Karen my friend, it's a good thing you decided not to wait for me. I think I hit my hiccup when I decided to change fabrics, and then I lost my motivation by getting sidetracked with the baby samplers for Harrison. But as you see, the Heirloom Christmas is still on my list of things to finish this year so we'll just see how it goes. I'm pretty sure there's at least another person on the Stashaholics board who was on the SAL as well who isn't near done either, so maybe we'll both get it done this year!

Which reminds me - I should go add Heirloom Christmas to my list of Christmas stitching that I want to accomplish this year...