Dream a little dream

Surprisingly, I am WAY behind on the SAL that I am in for the Lizzie * Kate Living With Charm series. Personally, I'm not sure why they called it Living With Charm, so I've renamed it the Words To Live By series as I think it's much more appropriate.

In any event, I'm behind. The SAL started February 1st and here it is March 8th that I'm finishing the first word. Not sure that we had set a time limit on these, but considering how quick a stitch it was, I find it a bit embarrassing that it has taken me this long to get Dream finished.

Nevermind. Love is next and I'm hoping to start that as soon as possible. I've got some down time coming up in the next few weeks so I'm sure a lot of stitching will get done then. My friend Jen who I'm doing the SAL with, is an incredibly speedy stitcher and hasn't been able to start yet because her threads haven't arrived. I figure I need all the headstart I can get as she'll be passing me as soon as her threads arrive and her needle gets smoking!

'Til my next post - happy stitching!