Best Day Ever! (In a Long Time)...

When I describe it to you it's probably going to seem pretty tame, but today has honestly been one of my favourite, best days in a long time. Most of the housework was already done and so didn't need doing today. Better still, my hubby offered to do the vacuuming and mopping since I mowed the lawns yesterday - he hasn't done it yet, but I'm still hopeful that it will happen before the weekend is out!

Jordan and Harry and I had a nice walk this morning, then while Harry was sleeping, I completely cleaned up my desk (I'm a "piler" and the piles were out of control!), and reorganized my stash shelf to be a little more baby-proofed. After a nap this afternoon, I took a WIP pic of the project that I've been working on for AGES but haven't really had the motivation to finish off. I even managed to get motoring along in terms of putting some stitches in!

Following a break for another walk early this evening, I was able to get back to my stitching with a vengeance while on a long, chatty call with my girlfriend Lisa who is like my sister. Jordan was on the webcam in the basement with Harry talking to his folks so everyone was taken care of. Afterwards, Jordan gave Harry his bath and got him settled off to dreamland and I was able to continue stitching.

Tonight, we've been hanging out in the office, not talking too much, but each of us doing our own thing in companionable silence and it's just been SO nice and relaxing! AND... as was my goal today, I've managed to finish my project!

This is Baby Girl Sampler by The Stitching Shed ( I started stitching it in April in anticipation of the birth of a neighbour's new baby girl, but was also undergoing treatment for cervical cancer so I ended up being too tired to get much work on it done. It's obviously going to be a late present, but I think she will like it. And I appreciated having something to work on while I was at the cancer centre. Even if I didn't get a chance to work on it or I was too tired, it was comforting to have that sense of "normal" in that I had a project with me at the ready!

This weekend is the July Stitch-a-Thon weekend so I'm happy to have set a goal for myself, and finished it! If I have a chance to continue stitching tomorrow, my plan is to start on the insert for a sippy cup for Harry. I'm using a design from Subversive Cross Stitch so we'll see how that goes!