On a roll!

Wow, the weekend isn't even over yet and I'm happy dancing already!

I picked up my needle on the Lizzie Kate Words to Live By that I started stitching ages ago - well, earlier this year at any rate. Harry was having a lovely nap on Friday afternoon and everything was done around the house so I just thought I'd start giving it a go. I think the font being one stitch wide is part of the reason why it stitched up so quickly, but who am I to complain! It just feels marvelous to be making headway on this project again.

This morning I was up at 4:30am and just couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to use the time putting some more stitches in (after a few more late last night as well!). As you can see, the early morning hours have been put to good use!

Jen and I are getting motivated on the Stashaholics board and with Kathie on the Life's a Stitch board and are committed to getting this SAL back on track starting on August 1st. But hey, I figure if the impulse is there, then I should just go with it! Who knows, maybe I can get another one done before then!

Here is how they are all looking together so far:

Now I just have to catch up that border on the other side. Sigh...I hate borders!