September Stitch-a-Thon

Wow - despite my best intentions, it's been ages since I've stitched anything.

So it was good to get back into the swing of things this past weekend, which was the date of the September Stitch-a-Thon. I didn't get a chance to stitch on the Friday, so used Monday instead to finish up the backstitch on this Lickle Ted.

Isn't he cute? This square was stitched for a baby quilt that a bunch of ladies are stitching for a member of the chat board A Crafty Natter who is having a baby soon. One of the ladies will be sewing everything into a quilt, so I've got to post the square to the UK today, ASAP! It was supposed to be finished at the end of August, but you know how it is with "back to school" and so on. In our case, I was finishing some freelance work, then starting my new job, and getting Harry switched to another daycare (he's SO much happier now than where he was!).

Anwyay, I didn't have very much done before the weekend, so it was nice to just push through and get him done. Now that he is, I can get some fabric to start a project that I'd like to get done for a Christmas present! Not long to go now, so I have to get cracking!